Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where I answer a few questions.


No, the logo(s) will NOT be part of your stamp. I've used them to help protect my artwork.

They also serve another purpose. I've included stamp sizes on product pages, but without some sort of visual reference it's difficult to tell how big a stamp might actually be.

EACH logo is ALWAYS a 2 inch square.

Two logos together = 2 inches x 4 inches...

On your screen things might look bigger or smaller - it just depends on settings and things beyond my control.


I've ordered before, why do I have to create an account?

I rebuilt my website on an entirely new platform and started completely from scratch. I was not able to transfer any of my previous account information.

If you ordered from me before April 2021 you will need to create a new account.


Rubber stamps.

If you order rubber stamps know that I press all of them from the highest quality rubber and will roughly trim around each one in your order. My rubber stamps are of regular thickness (not deep etched).

Rubber stamps do NOT come with any mounting material.

Again, these are rubber stamps (not clear polymer) and will need cushion or cling mount material in order to stick to wood or acrylic blocks or tools such as a MISTI. I do not provide or sell cushion or cling mount material.


Clear stamps.

I added clear stamps to my products in 2023. These stamps are made using clear polymer, of the highest quality, at company called Craffiti located in Dalton, Georgia, USA. 🇺🇸 

My plan (but if you have experience with "plans" sometimes they have a mind of their own) is to offer new sets as well as turning some of my current rubber stamps into sets featuring some new drawings. Once I turn a rubber stamp drawing into a clear stamp set I plan on retiring the rubber version.

But again, this is a slow process and could take years, so as long as I can still press the rubber versions I will.


Digital products.

I do not offer digital stamp image downloads.

Quilt patterns - I am starting SLOWLY to turn those in purchasable, downloadable PDFs. 

  • Once your purchase is complete you will receive a ZIP file. It contains 3 files - the pattern instructions/supplies, instructions on how I appliqué and the actual pattern sheets.
  • You will be able download (for yourself) the ZIP file 3 times. After that you will need to contact me.
  • Printing your pattern - make sure your printer is set to actual size and isn't scaling. If scaling is on your pattern sheets are likely to come out smaller than intended.


Do you offer custom stamps?

No I do not.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, I do. Click here or on the present to the right go to the product page. I have some preset amounts listed (my shopping cart application doesn’t seem allow setting your own amount).

Please note too that everything is done electronically, no actual (physical) gift card will be sent. If your recipient doesn’t receive the email, please as them to check their junk/spam folder.


Do you offer a paper catalog?

I do not anymore.

It really comes down to software. I used Adobe InDesign to create my original catalog, it has become subscription based and is quite PRICEY. If I chose to maintain a paper catalog going forward I would have to learn an entirely new program. I'm just not ready or at this time, willing to do that with my website being much easier to maintain and update.


My order was sent but I haven't received it. What should I do?

  • In the United States 🇺🇸... Sometimes orders can say they've been delivered but for whatever reason you didn't get it. I ask (1) check with your local mail carrier/post office or (2) check with your neighbors. Most packages show up in a few days.

  • Internationally - I've seen mailing times take 4-6 weeks.
    I will not consider an International order lost until 6 weeks have passed from the day USPS (United States Postal Services) accepts it. USPS is usually handing it off to whatever carrier services your country/area. You will need to check with that carrier.

  • Did you double-check your address? I cannot be responsible for an address that you've entered incorrectly when you placed the order.


Using Credit Cards

My system will not approve a credit card charge if there is an Address Verification Service (AVS) mismatch meaning the address doesn't match what you have on file with your credit card provider.

It will also reject any cards where the Card Verification Code (CVC), the little numbers on the back of the card don't match what's on file with your card company.


What if I still have questions?

If you can't find the answer anywhere on my website, you can always contact me directly