I don't know about you, but I've always had multiple hobbies. 🖍 ✏️✂️🎨 🪡

I've been doodling and drawing ever since I can remember. 

I got into stamping because my mom found a local stamp store (which was dangerous because it was within walking distance to where I worked at the time).

At the shop they offered a service of making custom stamps. I decided to try it and, well, I guess I never looked back.

In January 2000 (yes, that's 20+ years ago 😳) I started my own stamp company, Eat Cake Graphics.

Like I said, I've always had more than one hobby and decided to take a quilting class. Piecing and such was fun, but when I found appliqué and realized I could turn my same drawings into pictures on cloth, again I dove in. 

In 2006 I added my first appliqué pattern.

I haven't really had any formal art training, oh, I've taken classes here and there, but most of what I do I'd call drawing/art exploration. I have artists that I admire and try and learn from their styles but incorporate myself and ultimately make it my own.

Most of my career was spent in the tech industry in the heart of Silicon Valley. I know it sounds silly but when I found out that I could draw on a computer a whole knew world opened up. And now with my iPad and Apple Pencil - wow.

So why the name Eat Cake Graphics? Well, what's happier than eating cake 🍰 ? As the photo of me shows (circa 1969) I've always loved sweets. And the word "Graphics" - way back when one of my favorite stamp companies had in their name and I thought it sounded somewhat fancy at the time. And for a time I actually did do a lot of graphic work and such for clients.

So there I am in a nutshell.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
💕 Holly