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I’ve had an online presence for many...MANY years. When I first thought about a website, the task seemed daunting and solutions weren't what they are today. A dear friend of mine told me that "you need to be online" and more importantly "I can help you get there". 

So we began at the beginning. He being MUCH more technical than I, he did all of the work, I just got to be creative. But together we got the site up and running and even to a place where I could maintain most of it - not always easy, but I could get around.

But then I lost my very dear friend to cancer. I felt...
After so many years of his always saying "yes you can" even when I just knew I couldn't...

I now needed to find and be my own "yes you can".

So after a couple of years I knew I needed to finally do this, to take on the task of rebuilding the site so that it was up-to-date, easier for customers and easier for me to maintain on my own.

Here we are. The site is finished. Not perfect I'm sure - everything is always a work-in-progress, but it's finished and up and running. 

Thank you Kevin for always believing in me, pushing me to do things that I wasn't comfortable with, but with your guidance, learning and now believing that I could. I really think he would have liked the new site.

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