Here’s another technique post, this one uses positioning (and a little bit of masking).


Using positioning you can precisely line an image up with another. In the card above I wanted to put the kitty on the chair.


With this card I wanted to line up all the windows and them fill them with animals.
For instructions on this technique, click here, or go to the Techniques & Supplies link at the top under the banner.


One of the goals I had for this blog was to not only show great cards and projects, but to also share tips and show some technique tutorials. This one is about “masking”.


Have you ever wanted to put one image in front of another but weren’t sure how? Like in the above card, the dog is in front of the trees. Well if you have, click here to see what the trick is.

Or, have you ever wanted to put one image inside of another (like putting something inside a window) but weren’t sure what to do? Click here to see how it’s done.

I wanted all of the tips, techniques and supplies to be easy to find so I’m actually locating them on one page. Just click on “TECHNIQUES & SUPPLIES” located directly under the banner of this page (or here too).

A little bit about the finished card above…I used the masking technique to create the card and then used colored pencils to color everything in. I cut out some clouds and glued them on. I added the little corner pieces and the sentiment but thought they needed a bit of sparkle. So I pulled out my jar of Claudine Hellmuth’s Multi Medium, brushed a coat on the pieces and sprinkled them with glitter. Since it dries clear and the glitter wasn’t opaque the color and words were still visible.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
3055-I Leaping Tucker
7069-O Little line of trees


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