Here’s a fun way to personalize your morning cup of coffee. Alex sent this in and I just love it. There are lots of coffee tumblers out there and I know there are a few that can be personalized. The one that Alex made lets you unscrew part of the mug, create a picture, slip it in and screw everything back together.

She’s used just one stamp – actually a holiday stamp, but stamped it all around the insert and colored it in springy colors. Isn’t it just grand! For added strength she’s laminated the entire piece. So many possibilities!

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
7075-P Magical holiday flowers

Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup

Here’s an incredible project from Alex. Have you the travel mugs you can customize? I think people usually put pictures in them, but look what Alex made! She stamped and colored the sweetest little scene, taking extra precaution she laminated it and then slipped it in the travel mug AND she actually sent it to me! I’m doing a happy dance and enjoying a hot cocoa. Good thing it has a lid, otherwise beverages and dancing about don’t usually go together. :)

She also sent me some candy called “White Teds” that were white marshmallow gummy bears with different flavors inside. I believe I need a case of these because they were YUMMY!White Teds

Thank you Alex!!!

Oh, and here’s some pictures of the mug put together.

Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup


Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
7044-V Magical flowers (left big)
7046-S Magical flowers (right big)
7045-E Mushrooms
7024-G Ms. Sunshine
5011-B Buzzle bee
5031-B Rolly poly
5060-B Firefly
5059-B Butterfly with dots
5052-C Crumbs away (flying mouse)

kelly-magnets-allKelly sent this project in – fridge magnets! She chose three stamps and said she used magnet sheets from the venting section of Lowe’s.  She adhered the completed image to the magnet sheet and fussy cut the images out. Now that’s thinking while walking down the aisle of the home improvement store. What a great addition to the fridge!

Here’s a close up of each:
kelly-magnet-runsfree  kelly-magnet-bunnykelly-magnet-mrtumbledore

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1034-K Auntie Daisy enjoys freedom
5062-I Brewster bunny (foot up)
Mr. Tumbledore (retired stamp)

monica-mice-signsMonica is always thinking. Here she’s made the most adorable little bathroom signs. She started with wooden signs and painted them in pastel pink and blue. She added the little white polka dots and then wrote the words. She used Herbert and Daisy mouse for her little ladies and gentlemen pictures. They look so cute!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
5039-C Daisy Mouse
5040-C Herbert Mouse

kelly clark - teddy frameKelly sent in a picture of her dog Teddy. Woof. She used a simple picture frame and added Teddy’s photo, a little card with an absolutely wonderful sentiment and a little cutout of Webster dog. Oh so sweet. I’m sure Teddy must love his picture!

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
3015-F Webster’s tilting his head

kelly clark - luggage tagKelly decided why use an old boring luggage tag when you make a really cute one. She stamped little Webster and then added all her pertinent information to the tag before laminating it. Kind of makes me want to travel somewhere just so I could look for my bag. I do hope it makes finding her bag a breeze. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
3015-F Webster’s tilting his head

cathrine-mailbox-before Cathrine said she really hated her mailbox and asked for a new one for her birthday. Well, as sometimes happens unless pictures and actual product skews are involved we don’t always get what we hoped for.

She got this mailbox, one that was “copperesque” (as in a coppery front insert). Well, as a creative person I know, sometimes we just can’t leave things alone, so she decided to change it.

This is what she came up with:
Isn’t this the cutest darn thing!! She wrote “Wouldn’t it be fun to change the scene throughout the year?”, I think so!

She says the scene is mounted on mat board and the whole thing is coated with UV protectant sealer.  Her porch is very protected – so hopefully it will hold up.



She wonders if the mailman will notice….
I say she should wonder if she’ll get any mail. If I were the postman at her house I’d be so busy looking at the mailbox I’d forget to deliver it!

eat cake graphics stamps used:

jinah-candles1Another oh so sweet project by Jinah. She took little tea light candles and used the toy stamps to decorate them.

She said she first stamped the images onto tissue paper and then colored them in using her Copic markers. She then cut them out and put them on the candles and used a heat tool to melt the candle a tiny bit.



jinah-candles4Aren’t these the cutest! I don’t know if I could bring myself to actual light them!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
9022-B Horse pull toy
9023-B Kitty pull toy
9024-B Sheep pull toy
9025-B Camel pull toy
9027-C Jack-in-the-box
9030-B Doggie pull toy



This great project was sent in by Annie. If you’ve ever needed a calendar but maybe didn’t want to stamp every month this is a great alternative.

annie-calendar-sideAnnie decided to stamp 4 scenes, one for each season. What I thought was clever was her use of materials you could probably find at the local office supply.

She started with one of those acrylic frames used to hold pictures (or whatever). She slipped a piece of blue paper inside the frame. She used a binder clip to secure the stamped seasonal picture to the frame so it could be easily changed. Lastly, she used pre-printed small calendar for the months that’s attached to the frame.

Such a clever project!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
4002-D Little Buster bear (back)

other stamps used:
season stamps – Purple Onion Design
trees – hand drawn by Annie


linda-feltcookies-smThis card from Linda was actually posted in January but she sent in another picture with some felt cookies she created! They are just so cute! I’ve already ordered a little felt myself and want to try and make some – and remember 0 calories, what could be better than that! :)

And if you’re looking for a great place to get felt I thought I’d share a nice little shop on Etsy. I’ve ordered from her in the past and the felt is really nice quality…BenzieBazaar.

Enjoy! And Happy Valentines Day to you all!


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