Here’s a fun way to personalize your morning cup of coffee. Alex sent this in and I just love it. There are lots of coffee tumblers out there and I know there are a few that can be personalized. The one that Alex made lets you unscrew part of the mug, create a picture, slip it in and screw everything back together.

She’s used just one stamp – actually a holiday stamp, but stamped it all around the insert and colored it in springy colors. Isn’t it just grand! For added strength she’s laminated the entire piece. So many possibilities!

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
7075-P Magical holiday flowers

I think this card is so happy. Alex put fairy wings on Gertie! I love all the purple- frames and text. She even added little white highlights on the letters.

I think Gertie probably loves her sparkly fairy wings. I’m sure she can fly. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1166-I Gertie (in her hat)
8051-L Wings (set of 2)

Alex made this fun party card! She used Cupcake the dog (who already comes with a party hat) and then added a party hat to Go kitty go. I think kitty can’t wait to get to the cake! She added some wonderful sequins and glittered the whole card for sparkle!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
2038-J Go kitty go!
3038-I Cupcake the dog
9003-B Party hat with stripes

Alex Menzlewski Cheers

Here’s a fun card using just 2 stamps. Alex made this and I think it’d be great for lots of occasions – wedding, drinks with friends, a birthday…

She stamped the tiny wine glass randomly in the background. She then used another piece of paper to stamp the big wine glass twice and made it look like it was actually “clinking”. She added some glossy accents to the big wine glasses and added some fun letters “Cheers”.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
9066-E Wine glass (big)
9067-B Wine glass (tiny)

Here’s another fun birthday card sent in by Alex. She’s used the same balloon background paper as in the first card, but this time it’s all about the cupcake! Yum. She’s added lots of sparkle not only in the pink frosting but a little outline circle around the cupcake. I love the addition of all those buttons!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
8151-D Happy birthday (fun text)
9045-F Cupcake

Here’s a fun card from Alex! It’s all about the balloons on a birthday – well, that and the cake. For this fun card she kept it simple and used just a few balloon stamps. She cut them all out, used some foam tape to give them dimension and if that wasn’t enough, she tied a string to each one! Totally cute idea.

Here’s a detail of the wonderful strings:

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
8151-D Happy birthday (fun text)
9010-B Oval balloon
9011-B Round balloon
9013-C Wobbly balloon

Alex stamped this fun little wintery scene earlier this month. While here in California we’ve been enjoying a little bit of rain intermixed with some sunshine, Alex sent me this picture…


She said when she woke up and looked outside her window this was the view!!! She said that the beginning of March brought snow while back in December they were able to wear t-shirts. Good grief! I told her it was a beautiful view and now someday I wished I would look outside the window and see something so wonderful. I’m not sure Alex agrees. :) But her card is, as always, delightful. And she did sneak in Smiling Sunshine including his sparkly rays.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1107-I Ely build snowman (push-back)
1112-K Snowman
1115-K Sledding – Sarah pulls Nicky and Otto
7023-G Smiling sunshine
6040-Q 52 Winters Lane (house)

Here’s a sweet card from Alex. I just love the die cut she used – it works so well with little Pixie Poppy.

Here’s what Alex wrote:
I used only the word “Believe ” from the “Magic of Christmas ” saying. I often use only one word from sayings, when I think it is perfect for a card. The whole card is full of glitter, but it’s a little hard to see in the photo.

The reason why I had stamped this card is that I had a little conservation with my youngest daughter. She told me, that a girl told her that fairies do not exist. I said that Fairies exist, but you must believe in fairies. She was happy and stopped crying. The next day at school, she goes to the girl and said to her:  ” It is sad that you do not believe in fairies, because then you miss something in your life. I’m so sorry for you. “

I thought Alex gave her daughter the most perfect answer. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1153-G Pixie Poppy
8158-E Magic of Christmas (text)

Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup

Here’s an incredible project from Alex. Have you the travel mugs you can customize? I think people usually put pictures in them, but look what Alex made! She stamped and colored the sweetest little scene, taking extra precaution she laminated it and then slipped it in the travel mug AND she actually sent it to me! I’m doing a happy dance and enjoying a hot cocoa. Good thing it has a lid, otherwise beverages and dancing about don’t usually go together. :)

She also sent me some candy called “White Teds” that were white marshmallow gummy bears with different flavors inside. I believe I need a case of these because they were YUMMY!White Teds

Thank you Alex!!!

Oh, and here’s some pictures of the mug put together.

Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup Alex Menzlewski Happy Cup


Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
7044-V Magical flowers (left big)
7046-S Magical flowers (right big)
7045-E Mushrooms
7024-G Ms. Sunshine
5011-B Buzzle bee
5031-B Rolly poly
5060-B Firefly
5059-B Butterfly with dots
5052-C Crumbs away (flying mouse)

Alex Menzlewski heard the news

Alex Menzlewski made this festive Christmas card and the little elf has big news! Have you heard it?! :) For this card she kept things a little simpler than her usual scenes. I love how she colored the elf in pink and mint green, but kept the traditional red and green of Christmas in the rest of the card. Topping things off with two poinsettias adds so much.

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
1202-J Christmas is coming! (elf with newspaper)

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