Thao’s ability of adding such sweetness through color is simply wonderful. I love the soft pink pig and that she went around the entire image with the faintest of blue markers. The background papers are very unexpected – pairing a plaid with a floral and just for fun throwing in what looks like sweater texture on the light blue.

This card is adorable with a capital “A”!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
5017-R All the animals stacked up
7034-I Bunch of grass
8154-C Happy birthday (typewriter text)



Thao found some Martha Stewart flower embellishment stickers that were just perfect! She stamped Fairy Blossom and colored her in using Copic markers. She added a little shimmer to her wings – I think that’s a must for fairies, don’t you. :) She then stuck on the flowers so that it seemed like they were just too fragrant for Fairy Blossom to resist. Absolutely lovely.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1157-E Fairy Blossom



Thao created this sweet little card by first stamping Drew, Mooshie and Itsy Bitsy with Versafine ink and then embossing everything using clear embossing powder.  She got out her watercolor crayons and colored everything in. A very sweet card indeed – maybe to send someone a bear hug. :)

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1062-E Drew and Mooshie bear
4018-B Itsy bitsy bear (front)



Sometimes a special book to hold our thoughts, sketches or whatever else we feel the need to put down on paper is so nice.  Thao decided to create her own little book. She decorated it using specials papers and added a touch of ribbon as a page placeholder.


She stamped Penelope and Percy and then colored them in using Tombow markers. She added a bit of Crystal Effects on the fish to give it a little shine. Oh so lovely.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1073-J Penelope and kitty Percy fly



Thao created a Hoppy birthday card using a disposable coaster of all things.
Here’s what she did:

  1. Glue watercolor paper to disposable coaster and sanded edges.
  2. Sponge edges blue.
  3. Stamp “Go Froggie, Go” image three times.
  4. Watercolor images with watercolor crayons.
  5. Spray entire sheet with Glimmer Mist.
  6. Stamp “Hoppy Birthday” using a combination of two sentiments from Stampin’ Up.
  7. Tie ribbon and attach to cardbase/patterned paper using foam tape.
  8. Glue dewdrops to four corners.

I love the way it shimmers (gotta love those Glimmer Mist sprays)! And the little dewdrops in the corners add such a nice finishing touch.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
5032-E Go froggie go!



Looking at this card, I think that if I close my eyes I can actually feel the warmth of the smiling sun. Thao created this birthday card using two stamps, a little bit of bling, colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits of all things.

paperstumpI was intrigued by the technique so I wrote and asked. She said she colors towards the edge of the image and then using the odorless mineral spirits and a blending stump, blends inward using a circular motion. She said for large areas putting down a lighter shade as well really makes it blend nicely.

She provided a little side note as well – she’s found that the blending stump can make all the difference and that for her the ones made in Taiwan work better than the ones made in china. I’ve included a picture of what a blending stump (or paper stump as they are also referred to) looks like for those who are curious.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1141-M Trust (MMM-girl at window)
8153-C Happy birthday (bold text)


Thao created this wonderfully delicious treat tin using Hersery’s nuggets candies and address labels. This is definitely one time I wouldn’t be tearing the wrappers off the chocolate – in fact I don’t know if I could bear to eat any of it as it’s too cute!

Click on the candy box to see a bigger version.

She stamped the images onto the address labels and then colored them in using Copic markers. She wrapped them around the pieces of chocolate, put them in the tin and tied a little bow around the outside.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
First row
1120-F Daphne on her floatie bear
1182-F Little Michele in her saucer
1122-F Kyle floats

Second row
3015-F Webster’s tilting his head
3008-D Callie’s looking down
2030-E Tarzan looks down

Third row
4005-E Arthur Alooishus in his stripe shirt
1062-E Drew and Mooshie bear
4018-B Itsy bitsy bear (front)

Fourth row
5032-E Go froggie go!
5068-I Bubbles hen takes flight
5007-D Frogbert kicks up his heels


This tri-shutter card was made by Design Team Member Thao (also known on SplitCoastStampers as Cal Bear Stamper). Simply amazing. The colors are soft and so very happy – makes me want to sprout some wings and live in the land of fairies. :)

Click on the card to see a bigger version.

All the sentiment stamps are by Stampin’ Up and she used re-inkers to color everything in.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1153-G Pixie Poppy
1154-I Sweet Lily
1155-F Sprout
1157-E Fairy Blossom
5007-D Frogbert kicks up his heels
7045-E Mushrooms
7041-J Magical flowers (left small)


IMG_1332IMG_1333Thao Nguyen shared pictures of this wonderful card she made. I thought it was so clever the way she hid the “to you” message as a pull-out.
Thanks Thao!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1072-F Casey and Beebo monkey fly
1073-J Penelope and kitty Percy fly
5052-C Crumbs away (flying mouse)


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