I love the little twist Mandy did using the sentiment. Poor Witch Hazel would certainly appreciate getting such a fancy get well card. :)

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1076-S Don’t Drink and Fly witch



Mandy always does such a great job putting together embellishments. This card features Emmie Bear in the center and lots and lots of layered papers. I like how she’s woven the ribbon underneath one of her center cutouts. All those clear blue beads sure look swell too!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
4010-F Emmie Bear has one foot up



Mandy is at it again! This is such a cute little boy’s card. I love the striped star burst behind the circle with Casey and Beebo. The embellishments she chose were just wonderful – especially the touch of the compass – ensuring that they’ll never lose their way! Great card!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1072-F Casey and Beebo monkey fly



Oh I do hope those bees are friendly. Mandy started this cute card with a sketch from Lord Have Mercy! She said she paper pieced Arthur’s shirt – looks like he’s quite the stylish bear. Love all she’s done in the background – gives me some ideas to start using all the paper I buy at the scrapbook store and love, but don’t know what to do with. Such a dilemma. :)

eat cake graphics stamps used:
4005-E Arthur Alooishus in his stripe shirt



Mandy did a wonderful job on this card – and so many embellishments! The inspiration for her card started with a sketch from Mojo Monday. I love the sparkliness (is that a real word?) of the dot jewels and the all the green brads. Very nice.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
4007-F Rosebud wears a bow


The soft serene blues in the background are so calming and then WHACK you’re hit with a snowball thrown by little Cora! The flower and little pearl embellishments are just the right touch. A lovely card by Mandy.


eat cake graphics stamps used:
1117-F Look out! Cora’s ready to throw


A lovely pull-out card by Mandy! She used a library pocket and created the little red tag featuring Celie and Boo Kitty. When the card is in the pocket the little silver heart charm dangles on the outside. Very lovely.



eat cake graphics stamps used:
1005-F Celie and Boo Kitty


A wonderful card by Mandy!  She used Pixie Poppy as the focal point and layered some ever so lovely papers and added embellishments. What a nice no-sew technique for Poppy’s dress – she stamped it and cut it out of the same paper from the background. Adorable.


eat cake graphics stamps used:
1153-G Pixie Poppy


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