Well this card by Joanna sure is happy! She used the Main Squeeze image and colored it oh so bright and cheery. I love all the different shapes she layered together to create this card. Great job!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1016-J Main Squeeze
8082-F Surrounded by friends (text)


Well Joanna found the PERFECT backgrounds for Mr Peedles! I don’t know where she found that fire hydrant but it’s great! I love all her layers and tying them all together with the big swirl. Cutting out Mr Peedles really adds dimension – as does her shading and that little hint of blue she used under the hydrant and his paws.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
3016-F Mr. Peedles


This card and sentiment are so perfect together! Joanna has done a swell job with this fun, but belated birthday card. I love the little waves she added to the circle with Scooter. Her use of red as a background frame for each of the shapes really makes them stand out. And she added stitching as well which I always love.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
3034-G Scooter’s day at the pool

This is the first of 3 different cards that Joanna sent in featuring what she called her “dog-day” of summer. I think this card is so cute with it’s stripe and polka dot background. I love the rough (or is that “ruff”) edges all of her pieces of paper have. Because she cut Rowley dog out he looks like he’s hopping off the card. She topped it off with twine, a button and bow. Great job Joanna!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
3003-G Rowley jumps yippee!
8080-E Dog believes that I am (text)

joanna-too late for cakeAnother fun card from Joanna! Once again she’s framed everything in a dark color which really makes the two circles stand out. I love the background, that its not just a solid piece of paper, but cut into three strips. She’s done a great job color – and adding the little blue shadow. Topping it off with the flowers – I do hope Bosley bear isn’t too late for cake after all!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
4021-I Bosley says lets go
8011-D Am I too late for cake (text)

joanna-she was happyJoanna sent in this very happy card. I just love how she used the pink polka-dot patterned paper on both the background of the card and Eloise’s dress. Framing everything in black really makes the layers stand out, as does her use of bright yellow for her hat. Oh so cheery!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1167-H Eloise (with her handbag)
8166-E In her handbag

joanna-caution to the windIsn’t this a fun card! Joanna sent this in and I love her use of polka-dots and stripes. She added a little stitching all around the card and finished things off with a cute bow.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
5024-F Feathers MacGee (chicken)
8140-D Diet? There’s cupcakes (text)

joanna-diet what dietJoanna sent in this great card featuring Granny. She’s got tons going on with all her layers and the way the dark paper frames each one. I just love Granny’s hot red dress!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1035-J Granny Gertz
8140-D Diet? There’s cupcakes (text)

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