janis-celebrate-life-smJanis sent in this wonderful little card. She said “I know the main stamp is supposed to be used in a different angle like lying on the floor…but it seems to me the girl is just sitting with a little puppy which was leaning on her feet.” I just love this little project – the way she created the background gives it a sweet yet artsy feel. I also love the little chicks next to the little radio – I think they might be doing a little dance. So cute Janis!

eat cake graphics stamps used:

janis-good-for-you-smJanis sent in this wonderful little scene. I suppose if we can’t have summer on the outside we can create our own. It brings me back to when I first started stamping – it was much different than what people are creating today. Back then I loved making little scenes – snippets of daily life, sometimes silly, sometimes more serious but it seems it was always a little scene – and LOTS of masking.

I love her use of the collage background – it’s just so different and totally unexpected. I also like her use of the bird on the post, this stamp is actually a whole fence and she used just a piece of it.

eat cake graphics stamps used:

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