heike-clock-smLooks like someone is turning 40! Heike created this clever card using die cuts and loads of critters. I just love her how she put all the little animals around the clock – too cute. And her choice of cutting the clock out in black really makes it stand out but not so much that you don’t notice everything else that’s going on. I wonder if she’ll add more animals for number 50? :)

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heike-sweet-wishess-smHeike is using those wonderful clouds she creates again. This time they’re the perfect backdrop for Nanna runs free. I love the purple of her dress matching her purple dot tab and the little purple flowers poking through the grass. Oh so sweet.

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heike-carrots-smHeike sent in this cute little bunny card. She said when she saw this stamp it reminded her of how fisherman show the size of the fish caught (or maybe that got away). Now that I look at Brewster bunny he does seem to be doing that. :)

I love her use of the light colored clouds as a background and then the the popping out one that has the sentiment. I also love her little flowers with brad centers – very cute!

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heike-germany-warm-smApparently the weather is changing QUITE a bit in Germany. Heike sent in these two cards using the same images but colored very differently. One is of a lovely spring day with sunshine, fluffy clouds and a bit of hopping through the green grass.

And then she says “Germany today”…brrrr. The skies have grayed, the grass has lost its green and froggy is turning a bit blue! I just love that using the same stamps the scene can totally change just by changing the color. Now if you’ll excuse me, little blue froggy is making me feel like I need to put on a sweater.


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heike-cloud9-smHeike created another fun card. She thought that Baxter the dog looked like he could jump from cloud to cloud to cloud. I love her color choice – the peachy sky and background. The added touch of the fluffy felt clouds really do make it seem like he’s bouncing along in the sky.

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heike-hello-sm Wouldn’t you just love to receive this great big HELLO in the mail! I sure would. This was created by Heike.

She said that she used scraps of paper to make the background strips of blue, green and yellow. And then she printed out the word on her computer and cut out the letters. She added the critters popping out which I think are just so cute!

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heike-gofroggie-smA card full of love from Heike I. in Germany.

While Valentines is certainly the next big card day you could make this for anytime. So many times I think hearts=pink or red, but clearly I need to rethink that. :) I love the unexpected colors of turquoise and orange.

I also love all of the little details – the ribbon, the the greenery and the little orange hearts. Heike said she stamped the frog and then stamped it in reverse. The only way that I know how to do this is stamp the frog on something else and stamp that something else onto whatever it is you’re working on. A fun technique!

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