cathrine-thinking-smCathrine sent this project in and it’s just adorable. Orange is one of my favorite colors and I love how she framed everything with it. She did a wonderful job coloring the image – adding just the right amount of shading. I also love that she cut the little girl out so it looks like she’s really leaning against the window. Finishing it off with the ribbon going through the sentiment tag was just great!

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cathrine-brewing-smIsn’t this the cutest? Cathrine sent it in. I just love the way she colored the hens or I suppose didn’t color them. So many times we think we need to add color – I know I sure do, but isn’t the white with the shadow great. The hint of color in the sky is just perfect and really helps set off the white hens. I also love her background paper – can’t get more perfect than little peeps. :)

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cathrine-boxes-sm Cathrine is at it again, this time she’s created these cute little boxes.

She started with 3 inch clear boxes and embellished them not only on the outside but also inside as well – with CANDY!


I just love the bright, cheery colors and the way she colored the dog just makes him pop off the box. These would be such a wonderful treat to receive!

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cathrine-mailbox-before Cathrine said she really hated her mailbox and asked for a new one for her birthday. Well, as sometimes happens unless pictures and actual product skews are involved we don’t always get what we hoped for.

She got this mailbox, one that was “copperesque” (as in a coppery front insert). Well, as a creative person I know, sometimes we just can’t leave things alone, so she decided to change it.

This is what she came up with:
Isn’t this the cutest darn thing!! She wrote “Wouldn’t it be fun to change the scene throughout the year?”, I think so!

She says the scene is mounted on mat board and the whole thing is coated with UV protectant sealer.  Her porch is very protected – so hopefully it will hold up.



She wonders if the mailman will notice….
I say she should wonder if she’ll get any mail. If I were the postman at her house I’d be so busy looking at the mailbox I’d forget to deliver it!

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