Tanya Rudd - ATC boo

Well here are a couple of treats from Tanya Rudd! She’s made two Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). These are such fun little projects. Tanya’s done a ton of layering and added some fun black beads for the “boo” and a little bit escaping around the edges. I just love everything that’s going on.

And here’s another one. I just love the wildness with all the textures, the hot pink skully flowers and of course that little orange fluffy in the corner! Thank you Tanya!

Tanya Rudd - ATC bat

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
TOP CARD – 5082-D Crow looking forward
BOTTOM CARD – 5033-D Bert Batula, 7077-E Skully flowers

Tanya Rudd - Wading Pool

Look at this fun card Tanya Rudd of my previous DT sent in! I just love the collage, all the different textures the papers give in the background. She was very patient with her scissors cutting out the three main images. And adding just the right amount of sparkle in the water coming out of the hose – Jimmie and Gwendaline are ready for some summer fun for sure.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1123-I Gwendaline’s ready for sun
1125-L Jimmie’s in charge of the hose
7024-G Ms. Sunshine
8106-D Watched pool (text)
9039-E Swimming pool


tanya-cupcake fairy  Tanya created this oh so fun birthday card for her daughter – she said that her daughter loved it! Isn’t it just yummy. I love all that’s going on in the background – the different patterns and colors. The little fairy looks like she’s going to give the frosting just a tiny little taste.  I love that her dress and the cupcake frosting are the same. Her wings are oh so lovely too – the way she gradated them from dark to light and added just a little big of sparkle.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1070-J Fairy Nuff
8145-E Cupcakes (scrolly text)
9045-F Cupcake

tanya-tooth page

We’re taking a little Christmas detour today featuring Tanya next book page.  She says “It is a tribute to all the loose teeth in our home over the last couple of years.”

Tanya writes:
I stamped Fairy Blossom as the tooth fairy in gold then stamped over in black.  It gives a bit of a blurry effect, as I wanted to leave her a bit of a mystery.  As is the real Tooth Fairy!

I put a tooth holder on this page, and a toothbrush and toothpaste charm.  The Background images are from Flow magazine, they always put tags and such in their magazines for us to use, so I used the building ones to make it look like Blossom was flying over the roof tops.

Isn’t this just wonderful! The little clouds, stars and houses. And my goodness that tooth!!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1157-E Fairy Blossom as the Tooth Fairy

tanya-christmas is coming2

Here’s another version of the the Christmas is coming card from Tanya. Look how different it looks changing the background papers! I love all the layers, the punch that looks like a notebook paper edge, the string and clear dots. And I think she found the perfect music paper – It’s Christmas time in the city! Just wonderful!

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
1202-J Christmas is coming! (elf with newspaper)

tanya-christmas is coming


Here’s a fabulous Christmas card from Tanya – just look at all those Christmasy layers! I just love the one that looks like shops – it really makes it seem as though he’s running through the streets saying “Christmas is coming!” She said the card wasn’t too difficult to put together, but doesn’t it look like it was.

And stay tuned, she made another card using the Christmas elf that’s just as fun!

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
1202-J Christmas is coming! (elf with newspaper)

tanya-family tree

Does this remind you of your family? Tanya said the stamp did for her. In mid December all four family members pile into the car to get their tree. She said “this looks like all four of us in the car on our way back, eager to get warm, and drink hot chocolate, while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

I just love how festive the card is – the red and green, the wreaths and stitching lines in the background. She found the perfect finishing touches with the big JOY and the three buttons stitched with green thread.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
8095-M Getting the family tree


Isn’t this a fun card by Tanya! She created the card with a memory in mind. She said that her daughters, who Helen’s catching fireflies reminded her of, actually caught fireflies over the summer – but they didn’t use a jar, just their hands.
I just love all the polka dots and how she stitched down the layers. So cute and what a sweet reminder of a summer with her girls.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1133-G Helen’s catching fireflies
5060-B Firefly


Here is a wonderful page from a cardboard book Tanya is making for her girls.  This one, she says, has all the magical elements from my Oma (grandmother) that she has shared with her children.
Tanya writes…
She called me her Sunshine #1, as I was the 1st grandchild.  I used to explore her sewing room, gathering buttons and fabrics, and simply sitting around all of them in awe. And of course organizing the buttons.  My Oma was a dreamer, and had so much talent.  She had magical butterflies in her bedroom that moved during the night, and when I stayed with her each summer, I would awaken to find them in different places. The first french word she learned was Papillon as well.
This is such a wonderful way to capture a sweet memory in a tangible way. I love all of her layers, the way each part has a special meaning.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
7024-G Ms. Sunshine
7026-C Mr. Moon
7027-G Giggling stars (set of 3)

Tanya sent in the lovely little card. She created it for her daughter who turned 8. She said her daughter is the world to her so this little stamp was just perfect.

I love the way she colored the background of the image, adding depth and making the sky under the words a little lighter. She chose some great papers for all of her layering and added the right amount of bling with her two little silver beads. Oh so sweet.

And she said that her daughter loved the card. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
8033-K To the world (scene)

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