stephanie-creature stirring

Here’s another Christmas card from Stephanie. I just love the all the red in the background – it makes the candy canes stand out more. I just love the pattern and wonky stitching, it adds whimsy and makes this such a fun card.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
8102-M Not a creature stirring (scene)


Here’s a Christmas card from Stephanie. She used just one stamp but made it shine through embellishing. Starting with the background papers framed in green and gray and then adding stitching to to everything – always a favorite of mine. She topped things off with some wonderful snowflakes with pearls. Oh so cute.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
8155-O Finding the right tree (scene)


I love seeing the new images in use. Stephanie made this great card featuring Fiona and the scale. I don’t know about you, but this will certainly be me in January! I love Stephanie’s use of stitching and framing each layer with black so it stands out. Great card!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1212-K Fiona and the scale
8241-E There goes that resolution (text)


What a fun card by Stephanie! I love all the pattern and pink frames. She used a couple different stitches – straight and zig zag to add a little interest. The addition of the arrows certainly draws your eye to the fun sentiment. Wonderful! And I do hope Charlotte’s prayers are answered. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1211-H Charlotte prays
8240-I Lord give me coffee label (text)

stephanie-all is calm

Here’s a great Christmas card from Stephanie – she’s been busy! Starting with the plaid background and then adding the red frames sure makes this cheery. I love the zig zag stitch and her little embellishment of the same background paper topped with a red button. Why, she even added a bit of snow to the tree – how cute is that!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
5093-M Racoons in tree
8234-F All is calm (text)


Here’s a great Christmas card from Stephanie. I love the patterned red and green papers she chose – gives the card a punch of fun – and the way she layered everything, under the green is red, under the red is green. She added a little bit of stitching and brads to finish things off. I do hope there will be some cookies left. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
3058-M Where the milk and cookies go pets
8212-F Where the milk and cookies go (text)


Stephanie kept this card sweet and simple. She used red and green papers to start and then used the same in her coloring which is oh so cute. I love the lines of fur on the Ferguson’s face (the dog). She topped the card off with some red and green brads which is a nice finishing touch.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
8157-P Magic of Christmas (scene)

Stephanie got out her sewing machine for this cute little tag card. I love the idea of layering a tag on top of a card. She chose just a simple “hi”, which is really all you need to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Her colors are so sweet and the little ribbon and stitching are the perfect finishing touches.

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
2049-G Kitty on rocks

I believe it’s safe to say that we’ve all had these moments. :) Stephanie has put together some great layers using her sewing machine. Her shading is just grand. I also like the change of putting the sentiment on the background card itself. Most of the time I tend to stamp the sentiment, cut it out and layer it, but this works really well. So cute.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1093-K Little boy in front of bathroom door
8084-E Minute depends on (text)
8114-C Gotta pee (text)

Stephanie sent in a great card using Granny Gertz. It’s so nice that Granny color coordinated her sweater with Stephanie’s background papers. :) I just love the stitching – this time using two different stitches. And I think the big flower to a cue from Granny’s sweater as well. So clever!

Oh…and Stephanie says that if you want to know what the inside of the card says, you’ll have to visit her blog – good thing here’s the link. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1035-J Granny Gertz

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