danielle-happy birthday dog

What a sweet little birthday card from Danielle. She found some great background paper and then made the cutout balloons to match. I love the light green label she added on top. It’s the perfect backdrop for Callie dog and her party hat. She added the little banner with Happy Birthday and drew strings so the balloons wouldn’t fly away. Her coloring as always is just grand.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
3049-G A party hat for Callie
8153-C Happy birthday (bold text)


I think Danielle must be ready for some sun! Here’s another card with a summery theme. This time it’s swimming at the lake. I love her ombre background and the addition of all her cutout elements – the waves, the sand, the sunshine. Kitty looks so happy – I just hope the water is warm! She topped the card off with the lake sign – she’s really good at making the signs actually look like wood. She added a few bits of grass and that great flip flop band.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
2011-F Yippy for Yardley kitty
6031-F Lake sign


Some of you may be ready for a little sun. Here’s a great beach themed card from Danielle. I love all the waves and the little bits of shimmer she added. Kitty Floatworth looks like he’s enjoying himself immensely. The soft colors she’s chosen and background of just a wee bit of color look perfect. Topping things off with a sign that looks like it might actually be wood!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
2029-E Kitty Floatworth
6028-F Beach sign


Isn’t this a fun card from Danielle! She found the perfect background paper and added the graveyard stamp right on top. I love the shading on the tombstones. She stamped Mr. Frisky and cut him out – he sure does pop off the page. I love the detail of the light coming out of the flashlight – really looks cool. Happy Halloween!!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
2050-F Mr. Frisky takes flight (kitty on flashlight)
9058-L Graveyard


Here’s a wonderful card from Danielle using a few of the crows I currently offer. I just love what she’s done giving each crow its own little box framed in black. And did you notice, she actually gave each crow a little background color as well. I love all her shading – the crows look so great. Choosing the pumpkin background stamp as the base for her card is just perfect – coloring each little pumpkin in, complete with a little stem and some shading. Oh so cute!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
5082-D Crow looking forward
5081-E Crow “talk to the wing”
5083-D Crow with wings on hips
9064-K Pumpkin background

danielle kennedy - birthday wishesAnother lovely card sent in by Danielle. This time she used an embossed die cut circle as her centerpiece. I love the coloring and the breeze of blue she put around the image. The clouds are just the perfect thing to show Casey and Beebo flying high.

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
1072-F Casey and Beebo monkey fly

danielle kennedy - happy birthdayThis adorable Happy Birthday tweet card was sent in by Danielle. The green weathered background paper is the perfect backdrop to show the little blue birds. I just love that she included the banner and her little scribble scallops around each one. So tweet. :)

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
5078-D Little birdie standing looking down
5079-C Little birdie sitting
5080-C Little birdie lying down

danielle kennedy - wonderfulWonderful is right indeed. This card was sent in by Danielle. I love the way she colored the image in, added a hint of a background and some sparkle in the water. Her embellishments are just perfect – the waves and the ruffled ribbon. Oh so cute.

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
1158-J Paddling in the canoe

Danielle - If the broom fits
Danielle was kind enough to send this card in. I just love the die cut moon and sparkly bats. And if you’ve been following previous Halloween posts, I think the background paper she used is very similar to the one I used in the “study of crows” post.

Here’s what she did:
“I die cut a circle out of yellow card stock and sponged it to give it some depth.  I stamped the with on both the moon and white card stock. I colored her up on the white and cut out and placed on the moon. The paper is from the Blackbird line by Memory Box.  I rubbed pearlescent chalk all over the moon in a soft yellow to give it some shimmer…although doesn’t really show in the photo.”

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1204-M Griselda on her broom
8219-E Broom fits (text)

Danielle - Hank on his Hoover
Danielle shared this Halloween card and I think it’s just wonderful! I love the background paper she chose (Basic Grey Eerie) – the glow of the orange and those tree branches with hanging bats. Then to add Hank riding his vacuum purple-bagged cleaner – he just pops right off the page. Thanks Danielle!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
3056-I Hank (the dog) on his Hoover
7077-E Skully flowers
8216-E Life’s a witch (text)

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