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Lori’s done a WONDERFUL outdoorsy card featuring Lilly and Ben. I just love the colors – they make me want to grab my suit and join them! She says that creating the card wasn’t hard and she sent this terrific little write up of her thoughts and what she did.

From Lori…
The perfect day at the lake is complete when Ben makes a splash with a cannonball! I wonder if his sister Lilly will be next? LOL! These stamps remind me of my big brother and I spending our summer weekends at the lake. Yes indeed…they were perfect days! These stamps sure made a splash with me :) Creating this card design is easy, but does have several steps involved. I did some masking off to create the scene of trees behind Lilly and to airbrush the water.

1. Create masks for Lilly and Trees image. Any stamp masking paper or post-it notes will work. Tip: I made 2 masks for the trees – to be sure I had enough to cover them.
2. Stamp Lilly with black ink on white cardstock panel.
3. Place mask on Lilly. Stamp Pier and front line of trees with black ink.
4. Leaving mask on Lilly, place mask(s) on line of trees. Stamp another line of trees slightly higher than the first row.
5. Remove masks and color as desired.
6. Optional – To airbrush water, place mask on Lilly and mask-off where you want waterline to start. Airbrush as desired. Remove masks. Tip: It’s ok to airbrush over the pier, since you will putting the cut-out one over it.
7. Stamp Pier again on scrap piece of white cardstock. Color and trim – just the pier – not the water wave lines underneath it. Adhere with foam tape.
8. Stamp Ben with black ink on scrap piece of white cardstock. Color and trim. Adhere with foam tape.
9. Wrap twine around panel and tie bow.
10. Die-cut acetate strip with scalloped edge die to create waves. Fold sides over edge of panel and adhere on back.
11. Attach panel to brown card base with foam tape.
12. Die-cut sun from yellow cardstock. Add yellow glitter around edges. Adhere with foam tape.
13. Adhere sentiment strips on sun.
14. Paint Clear Wink of Stella on Lilly’s bathing suit, flip-flops and flowers on bathing cap.
15. Color Clear Glaze Pen on Lilly’s bathing cap and water-wings.

And here’s a closeup too!
lori-ben and lilly-detail

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1057-D Lilly Puddlesworth
1058-E Ben Puddlesworth
6026-H Pier
7069-O Little Line of Trees

Tanya says that she’s found the world of Artist Trading Cards, known as ATC’s. These are mini cards measuring 2 12 by 3 12 inches and they are lots of fun to make because they are so small. Tanya wanted Crumbs mouse to look like he was flying over a big city. What perfect paper she found to do that. She stamped Crumbs and cut him out in an oval. She said that she added the button to represent the sun and the other stitching and embellishments to balance everything out. Oh so cute! Taking her picture on the little easel makes it seem that much more artsy.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
5052-C Crumbs away (flying mouse)

monica-daphneMonica has such a way with sweetness and this card is no exception. Here she used a great background stripe and then added her cutouts. I love that she tilted little Daphne squares – layering them a little bit wonky. Added the little whale, anchor, heart and jewels make this card even sweeter.

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
1120-F Daphne on her floatie bear

Tanya is always so create with her layouts. The two backgrounds – one with a notebook style finish – and the two circles, one being totally offset. Really neat. She said that she masked the image with the grass, then stamped, colored and cut some more grass for dimension purposes.

Tanya added “Such a cute image. Friends for sure, coming together on a sunny day in the fields. I think they are both surprised to find out they get along.”

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
2003-I Crumbs and Farley
7034-I Bunch of grass

stephanie-sending smileHere’s another great card from Stephanie. Little Hadley and kitty are giving a great big hug to Buddy the dog. I think she took her color inspiration from the background paper – the little red shirt with a yellow stripe, the blue jeans – even the collars are green and red. Her addition of the brads and that cute little tab with a red brad are just the right amount of embellishment. This card certainly would send a little smile to the recipient.

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
1148-J Hadley and kitty give Buddy a big hug (GF)

Isn’t this just grand! Kelly sent this in and says it’s called a “waterfall” card. You pull the piece with the ribbon and each crow flips over revealing the next. She chose a monochromatic scheme which I love! Each of the crows is stamped and then cut out in the little square frames. She added a scribble border for each. Love it! Kelly says she’s not sure why, but turning 40 was much harder than turning 50. I might have to agree as the 50 year mark gets closer and closer. :)

If for any reason it doesn’t show up automatically in the page you can find the YouTube video tutorial here.

Here are close ups of all the little flipped squares.
kelly-crows1 kelly-crows3 kelly-crows4  kelly-crows2


Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
5072-D Crow looking down
5081-E Crow “talk to the wing”
5083-D Crow with wings on hips
5073-E Crow flapping wings

Monica can even make a vampire exude sweetness.  I love her non-traditional color choices – purple and green with a hint of blue. Count Bitesalot looks quite dapper in his purple cape. Her addition of the little flying bats and dots are just great. And of course, I don’t think it could be a card from Monica without the little heart.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1175-J Count Bitesalot
8181-D A Little Bite

stephanie-broom-fitsStephanie’s been thinking ahead! Here’s a card for Halloween. She does such a great job picking papers for layers. I love the orange and black traditional theme and the addition of the little flower brad and her bit of zig-zag stitching. I also like that she created two stamp areas – both with their own little frames and stitching. Wonderful!

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1204-M Griselda on her broom
8219-E Broom fits (text)

In totally Tanya style she’s created this layer upon layer birthday card! Tanya says its not your usual card but I think that’s what makes it so great.

Here’s what Tanya writes about what she did:
I used scrap paper to make this card up. Paper that had a punch hole, and sewing and taping scraps together. The result was this card. The Happy Birthday is on the vertical, underneath the twine. It is not your usual card, but I like the way it came together. I know Pixie Poppy should have been red, but I saw her hat as a snap dragon, and I figured that she could die her dress green, to blend in with the garden.  LOL.
Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1153-G Pixie Poppy
8151-D Happy birthday (fun text)

monica-beware-of-dogI think Monica loves making tags. In a previous post she made kitty tags, this time it’s puppy’s turn. She started with some very sweet background paper and then added the little cutout puppy. Topping things off with a little bit of embellishing – jewels, ribbon, hearts – adds the perfect touch.

Eat Cake Graphics stamp used:
3008-D Callie’s looking down

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