squirrelHave you seen the movie UP by Pixar? For those of you who haven’t there’s a talking dog in it. He’ll be chatting along and all of sudden his train of thought is disrupted and he says “SQUIRREL!”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the same thing happens to me. Not the squirrel part mind you, just something out of nowhere disrupting my thought. My girlfriend and I will sometimes just email or text the word “squirrel” to each other just because.

I was sending her a little something in the mail and I couldn’t help but make this tiny little card.

Cute, simple, SQUIRREL!


eat cake graphics stamp used:
5069-C Nutmeg squirrel

Alphabet by Purple Onion Designs

sheri-griseldaSheri got busy with her new stamps. I love the card she sent in with Griselda and her bat entourage. I also love her hair color choice – PINK!

By the way, check out those sparkly pumpkins Sheri’s using to prop up the card. Looks like someones all decked out for fall.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1204-M Griselda on her broom
6041-I Lamp post
7077-E Skully flowers

I was out making stamps and in between pressing the rubber I got to play a little bit – yeah. I love the latest chalkboard craze – or maybe it’s not a craze and I’m just now catching on. Either way, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have a chalkboard background.

The card actually has a “faux” chalkboard background.  I used black acrylic paint. After the paint dried I rubbed chalk all over it and wiped it off. I then drew the moon and added the corner details. I sprayed the card with clear spray so that the chalk would be permanent and not rub off. The card actually looked more “chalky” before I sprayed it, so if you try this just know that that will happen.

I used one of Tim Holtz’s On-the-Edge dies and cut out the little houses. Before I attached them I scribbled chalk on the card where all the windows were so there’d be something other than black there.

I used some distress ink to create the orange ribbon. I glued everything down.

Truthfully…I actually purchased some wiggle things that would have attached the witch to the background and she could have wiggled BUT COULD I FIND THEM – NO! Good grief. I have no idea what they are called, but I’m sure some day they’ll turn up. :)


eat cake graphics stamp used:
1204-M Griselda on her broom
8216-E Life’s a witch (text)


Hi everyone!

I’ve just sent out a newsletter, but in case some of you aren’t on my mailing list I wanted to post this here as well. The news for the day – NEW IMAGES! This supplement focuses on Halloween, fall and Christmas. I do hope you like the new images. To see them all, please visit my website www.eatcakegraphics.com and click on What’s New.

Thanks so very much.

sheri-kidsSheri created a wonderful card just in time for Labor Day.

I love how she split the card – the stamp on the bottom and those wonderful fireworks on top.

Thanks Sheri, your card is a wonderful salute to all the workers who make this nation a great one.

Happy Labor Day!

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1160-S For the Brave (scene)

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