sheri-retired-couple-on-vacationWell now that we are in the last week of August, I can’t believe summer is coming to a close. Sheri sent this card in and it looks like one last picture of saying goodbye to summer vacation.

Sheri colored the couple in with Copic markers and used a Darcie embossing folder for the clouds. She used stickers for the water and very cleverly used cork for the sand. The couple is popped up on pop-dots so they are 3D.

Very cute and clever!

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1054-M The Parents

sheri-just-floatingSheri sent in this cute little card with a big bit sunshine! One last float on the ol’ inner-tube before summer comes to a close. I thought the sunshine was very clever. Although I do hope he is wearing his sunscreen. :)

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1130-I Walter floats

One last page in the journal page series of posts sent in Christy.

“The background was created using designer scrapbook paper, sheets of vintage music, and a vintage Bingo card.  Layers of color were added for tinting and texture.

The chair image was stamped on the page directly and then again on a piece of fabric. The image stamped on fabric was hand cut with fine detail scissors and using the “paper piecing” technique adhered to the image on the art journal page.  The fabric gives the chair a very realistic appearance.

The Bingo card was embellished with tissue paper tape and accented the free space with squares of color.  The straight lines created from the designer paper made journaling super easy.”

Thanks Christy. I think a big comfy chair is certainly a nice place to take time to think. :)

christy-time-to-think-detailHere’s a detail view of the chair:

eat cake graphics stamp used:
6004-O Comfy chair

christy-inside-outHere’s another project from Christy.

“This large portrait of a young girl was created with pages from a discarded book purchased from a thrift shop.

Metallic Rub-Ons made the face a real fleshy color.  The hair was painted with acrylic paint using various shades to accomplish texture and shape.  The butterfly was handmade (using the same technique in the Fly with all your Heart journal page) and adhered to make an adorable hair barrette. Stamp the window image, cut it out and adhere for “eyes”.

The different perspective stamp was stamped first on the window image and then again on another sheet of paper, cut out and adhered with a foam square for depth.  The other window eye was sketched with written text remaining inside the eye shape.  Lime green paint created the perfect boarder the dark hair.  I was super happy with the final layout and found the simplicity to actually create an intriguing complexity.”

Here’s a detail view of her “eyes”:


Love it Christy!

eat cake graphics stamp used:
6017-J Single window
8040-D A different perspective (text)

A wonderful journal page from Christy. She’s so creative and it looks like I’m going to have to add napkins to my bucket of supplies.

She writes, “The background was created by adhering strips of decorative Martha Stewart punches in various directions.  This is a great way to use up scrap paper because the strips will be painted all the same color, so grab any paper and start punching. A layer of acrylic paint allowed for the texture of the punches to stand out while establishing a coordinating color.

The flower stamp was colored with Copic Markers and airbushed lightly with the Copic Airbrushing System to give an antique feel.  Once attached to the page a decorative napkin was torn and layered around the image to give the impression of being in the middle of a butterfly garden.  Regular paper napkins are fun to use in mixed media art journaling.  Attaching the napkin with gel medium leaves the page flexible with almost a fabric feel.  A sweet journaling card captured the emotion of flying with all my heart.

The butterfly embellishment was handcrafted by adding color to Liquitex Glass Bead Gel.  I laid a butterfly stencil atop a piece of wax paper and smeared (thickly) the tinted glass bead gel with a paint palette knife.  It was almost like frosting a cake.  Peel the stencil off and allow the butterfly to dry overnight.  Peel the butterfly off the next day and use as an embellishment.”

Here’s a detail photo of the flower page:christy-freedom-detail

eat cake graphics stamp used:
7044-V Magical flowers (left big)

christy-snailchristy-snail2Christy says, “We often think of creating the perfect card to send along to our friends and family, but what about creating a beautiful envelope for everyone to admire as it journeys through the mail system?

The snail carrying mail is perfect for creating a smile!  In the age of technology a hand written letter is almost unheard of so this altered envelope will be the perfect presentation of something special. The envelope was colored lightly with a yellow water color crayon and painted over with a wet paint brush.  Tissue paper tape was added to the top and bottom and colored with a turquoise water color crayon and painted over with a wet brush.  The red scallop make a happy pop of color and whimsy.  The snail was stamped and paper pieced with designer cardstock. Doodling rectangles make it east to insert an address and a return address.”

I think this is so cute and Christy is right, who wouldn’t want to receive such a lovely envelope. I don’t think I’d even mind if there was nothing inside. :)

You can click on any of the pictures to get larger views, and here’s a detail of the front:

eat cake graphics stamp used:
5002-D Speedy snail delivers the mail

marilyn-totheworldAnother lovely card from Marilyn. I love the colors she chose – they all have such a richness about them, and her shading just makes them pop. She’s done a wonderful job with all her accents – papers, stars, ribbons.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
8033-K To the world (scene)

marilyn-I just love all the sparkle that Marilyn used in this wintery card and that it’s purple – something you don’t usually expect when you see snowflakes. She even added little dots of white that make it seem like Waldo bear really has something to taste.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
4027-G Waldo bear tasting snow
8191-E Official Snow Taster

catalog-version3-coverI thought I’d let you know that I’ve finished updating the paper version of my catalog. It’s Version 3 and includes all supplements up to the end of 2012. If you’d like one you can order it off my website by going here or clicking on the cover of the catalog.

I’ve also started a Referral Discount Program. Here’s how it works…

If you are an existing customer and refer a friend who places an order of $25 or more, I will give YOU a one time 20% discount coupon.

REFER A SHOP ——————–
If you are an existing customer and refer a shop who places an order for $75, I will give YOU a one time 30% discount coupon.

You can read more details on my website here. Or if you have any questions, just give me a holler at

Next up…Halloween and Christmas images.

Toodles for now!

shari-butterflyButterflies do rule! Just look at those wings! Shari used the big butterfly with it’s beautiful wings in the background and then placed the little girl on top. When I drew the little girl and gave her a little pair of wings I knew that really the wings Shari used are the ones she dreamed she was wearing.

Shari sent a close up as well – do take a peek as you can really see all the sparkle she used.shari-butterfly-detail

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1081-I Butterflies Rule!

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