shari-hugWouldn’t you just love to receive a hug by mail. This card does just that. Shari sent this in. She does such a wonderful job with coloring and shading. She also said this is such a sweet image showing the unconditional love between a child and her pets.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1148-J Hadley and kitty give Buddy a big hug (GF)


Cowabunga is right! Shari created this cute-as-can-be tri-fold card awhile back. It takes a little planning knowing where your images would fall, but I think its well worth it. I also hope kitty knows what he’s jumping into because I see water in his immediate future!

eat cake graphics stamp used:
2011-F Yippy for Yardley kitty
2049-G Kitty on rocks
6030-K Boat house





Hi everyone. I’ve been away for a bit, not that I don’t have anything to post, it’s just a little thing called “time”. :) For today I thought I’d post a series I did in my journal in time for the upcoming holiday – Independence Day. Sometimes changing things up a bit is a welcome, well, change. I’ve been doing cards and canvases but I got a journal from Canson called “mix media”. Sometimes I just make backgrounds and other days those actually turn into something. For the first time too I just opened the book and started, not on the first page, not in order, I just started – kind of freeing from that scary blank first page syndrome I get.

The four pages measure 7 x 10 inches each. I used paint, stencils, pencils, rub-ons, washi tape (I’m really loving this stuff – and I love making little banners, like on the last page), markers and pretty much anything that was interesting. Sometimes I find that when I create backgrounds I don’t leave enough white space, so in “to the prairies” and “home sweet home” I actually stamped the houses, cut them out and glued them back on the page.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a great summer. Here in California we’ve been having a heat wave and I’m not liking it. Thank goodness we have a fridge that has crushed ice – otherwise, my cranky pants would be gettin’ quite the workout! :)

For those in the United States I hope you have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July.


eat cake graphics stamp used:
Page 1: 7068-P Lake Shoreline
Page 2: 6034-R Summer neighborhood (partial), 6035-I Summer fence
Page 3: 6025-O Light house, 5057-C Crustie crab
Page 4: 6018-P 31 Maple Lane (house)

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