kelly-morning-starbeaks2A wonderful little “anytime” card from Kelly. I just love these three hens and can only imagine the conversations they sit and have. A great little card with the handkerchief background paper and stitching.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
5044-Q Morning Starbeaks with girls

kelly-tiny-tobyAnother cute project from Kelly. The wide-eyed kitty is so cute with all her embellishments. Cutting out the letters on little wonky squares and putting a small border makes them stand out. She kept the green theme going by finishing off the card with a nice green bow.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
2035-F Tiny Toby

kelly-morning-starbeaksI cracked up when this arrived in my inbox from Kelly. Isn’t it just great! I don’t know where she found that sentiment, maybe from her computer, but it’s just perfect. Too funny!!!

eat cake graphics stamp used:
5024-F Feathers MacGee (chicken)
5043-F Petuna Pluckster (hen right side)

kelly-christmas-is-comingOk, so maybe Christmas already came and went but it’ll be here again in 11 months. Kelly sent this in and I just love her use of the huge sparkly snowflakes! So for all you folks who’ve put Christmas behind you, don’t worry, it’ll be back sooner than you think. :)

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1202-J Christmas is coming! (elf with newspaper)

kelly-callieKelly‘s been busy. Here’s another Woof-derful card. I love the bold use of black and white with a splash of red.

Although I must admit, whenever I see that saying “I double-dog dare you!” I always think of the movie “A Christmas Story” and the little boy at recess with his tongue getting stuck to the pole.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
3005-D Sparky’s a big dog
3025-E Callie’s looking forward

kelly-snowman-partsKelly as such a great sense of humor! I’m sure most of you have seen or heard those commercials on tv advertising I think Life-Alert. I never would have thought snowman, but hey, Kelly did! This card is so cute with it’s bright red background and wonderful embellishments. I love her use of the black framing and really need to try it in some of my projects.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1192-I Snowman parts

sheri-beachNew design team member Sheri sent this card in – I think she’s ready for summer! I love the way she did the grassy hills, beach sand and water. She even added a wood stamp background to the sign. She also took the little beach huts stamp which is actually a whole row of dwellings and cut them apart to add three separate huts to the scene – very clever.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1128-J Pearl enjoys ice cream
6027-P Little beach huts
6028-F Beach sign

beate-birthdayA fun birthday card from the new design team – thank you Beate. I had to laugh when this came through – poor Frisky Fradey having to endure not only the pop of a jack-in-the-box but also Fluffy kitty’s singing!!! I love her use of browns and the little pop of green in the toy and ribbon.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
2006-G Fluffy kitty has more to say
2023-F Frisky Fradey
9027-C Jack-in-the-box

kelly-milk-and-cookiesEven though this stamp was released in a Christmas supplement, I loved that Kelly rethought it and made it just an “anytime” card. She does such a great job with embellishments and coloring. I think sometimes we could all use more cookies and milk breaks with friends.

eat cake graphics stamp used:
3058-M Where the milk and cookies go pets

shari-snowIsn’t this so cute. Shari, one of the new design team members, sent this in. I just love the gray snowflake background she started with and the trees and snowballs with the puffy paint – just perfect!

eat cake graphics stamp used:
1115-K Sledding – Sarah pulls Nicky and Otto
1116-J Snowballs stocked and ready

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