estella-mollydog-smHere’s another card from Estella (Sandee’s Stamps) – yeah! This time she’s decorated a whole room! (Maybe she’s been watching a bit of HGTV.) I love the wallpaper and how clever to use the doggie treats stamp as a picture!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
3040-K Molly dog doesn’t get up for anything
8014-C Doggie treats


annie-bunny-smAnnie’s was busy making cards again, this time flowers are sproutin’ big!

She said that the flowers are stamps from Purple Onion Designs (one of my favorite places). They were actually painted with Ranger Dabbers and then cut out and stacked. If you’ve never heard of Dabbers they are acrylic paint in squeeze bottles with a sponge at the end. You can just dab-dab-dab the paint onto whatever you’re working on.

I just love those huge flowers. I guess that makes Binkley a very wee bunny. :)


eat cake graphics stamps used:
5049-G Binkley bunny looking forward

other stamps used:
big flowers – Purple Onion Designs



estella-starbeaks-insideAnother great card Estella over at Sandee’s Stamps in Waterford, Michigan. I think it’s SO CUTE – from the great cutout window, to the gingham border and ribbon on the front! She did a wonderful job coloring and I love that she added the little shadows of green.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
5044-Q Morning Starbeaks with girls
8082-F Surrounded by friends (text)


linda-toad2-smLinda is the Queen of Layering! And this card is no exception. After I see one of her cards I think oh, now I know what to do with all that paper I just bought at the scrapbook store!

linda-toad-detail-sm She said that she actually made this card before, but liked it so much that she did it again with a slightly different layout. I agree, this was definitely worth doing twice. :)


The card on the left was the first version of “He didn’t mean to turn his sister into a toad”.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1188-K Toad sister
8194-E Toad sister (text)



Christy says “Is it possible to have a clean haunted house?  I’m thinking this painting with bleach technique coupled with paper piecing is just the trick to make this haunted house comfortable for the ghosts and goblins.”

And I agree! Although maybe just one cobweb was left for aesthetics. :)

Here’s what she did:

  1. Stamp the haunted directly on to orange cardstock with embossing ink, coat with fine detail black embossing powder, and apply heat to melt the powder.
  2. Once this image is set, pour a small amount of bleach into a glass bowl, use a detail paint brush to apply the bleach to the area of the embossed image where you desire a color change.  (In this case, I chose the house siding.)  The raised embossed lines help keep the bleach from running into other areas, isn’t that the coolest?  This slight discoloration makes the house stand out just a touch from the rest of the layout.
  3. While the bleach is drying, stamp the haunted house image onto white cardstock with black ink.  Using detail scissors cut out the eyes of the owl, bat, cat, and ghost, apply a little glue to the back and paper piece them directly on to the orange cardstock in the appropriate position. I instantly fell in love with those darling little white eyes peeking out from all directions.
  4. Stamp the haunted house image onto brown cardstock and then again on yellow cardstock with black ink.  Carefully inspect the roof of the house.  Do you see the paper piecing?  Again using detail scissors cut out those portions of the roof and attach to the orange cardstock image with glue, making sure you line everything up properly.
  5. Now stamp Hank on his Hoover image onto white cardstock with black ink and color.
  6. The Halloween greeting was stamped on yellow cardstock and attached with a short piece of brown string around Hank’s neck. He is one proud puppy flying around the neighborhood spreading his Halloween cheer.
  7. Layer the card with various cardstock and add a touch of goo at the base with the Martha Stewart border punch.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
3056-I Hank (the dog) on his Hoover
6037-S Haunted House


estella-thinthoughts-smThis is the first of a few cards that Estella over at Sandee’s Stamps in Waterford, Michigan sent in.

I love the stripes and polka dots and the fact that she made the doggy’s hind-quarters go outside the main box – almost like the tail is wagging in anticipation of getting just a little taste.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1128-J Pearl enjoys ice cream
3031-I Cookie (the dog)
8072-D Thin thoughts (text)


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