I really love this sentiment. Even if the whole world goes crazy at times, your dog doesn’t care. They just know that you’re the best person ever.

I think Annie captured a lovely moment – a happy dog and all those wonderful flowers. How can you be anything but cheery with this card.

She said that she was inspired by a class she took using Adirondack paint dabbers. I myself just got a bunch of them and am dabbing anything that holds still! :)

The background is painted using a dabber on the stamp and then it was stamped on painted cardstock. The button is also painted (no more searching for the right one – just paint it). She added some Glimmer Glaze (Tattered Angels) to the flowers and the dog was colored in using Copics.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
3030-J Bunny (the dog)
8080-E Dog believes that I am (text)



annie-wrinkles-detail-smAnnie‘s been stamping again! She sent in this happy card using Aunt Daisy running through the grass. I think sunshine and happiness are good for the soul. And running through a field of flowers that happy has got to push the wrinkles away! Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need to run through the grass a bit. :)

Annie said she sponged the background using dye inks and colored things in using Copic markers. She added some glitter to the flowers so they’d sparkle a bit in the sunshine.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1034-K Auntie Daisy enjoys freedom
8092-B Wrinkles don’t hurt (text)

other stamps used:
grass (Purple Onion Designs)



Christy sent this card in and I just love it! I think her use of black really makes things pop. And her sprinkled background truly looks like fairy dust!

She said that this card features an embossing technique used to create custom background paper.

  1. Ink up the “Box of fairy dust” image with embossing ink and stamp 3 times down one side of the card.
  2. Sprinkle fine detail clear embossing powder over freshly stamped images and heat dry.  Repeat this process on the opposite side of the card.  Although it doesn’t look like much right now, be patient!
  3. Using foam applicators and various colors of Distress Ink by Tim Holtz ink all over the “just embossed” cardstock.  The clear embossing will now begin to pop off the paper as ink is applied.  When inking with the foam applicator always move in a circular motion and begin this motion off of your paper slowly working toward your paper.  This will eliminate any awkward square markings and leave behind a nice smooth color.
  4. Then stamp the “Pixie Poppy” image and color with Copic Markers.  A few paper layers and die-cut embellishments give this card a little bit of magic.

Give this clear embossing technique a whirl, you will love it!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1153-G Pixie Poppy
9048-C Box of fairy dust


linda-beachykeen-smLinda sent this card in and I thought it was just too fun for words.

Her inspiration…her top ten ways to embarrass your children. She added a small disclaimer that she’s not responsible for any childhood therapy! She also says should giggle at your own risk. I might also add, make sure your bladder isn’t full! :)

Ok, the list:
10. The spit wash – licking your thumb and wiping dirt off their face. Hey, and if it’s chocolate, lick your thumb again and say Yum!

9. Ingratiating yourself with their friends by trying to talk teen slang. Groovy Dude!

8. Friend all their buds and post their baby pictures on your Facebook page. Bare Baby Butts.

7. Regale their friends with stories of cute little things your child said when they were little. Mispronounced words, like “pissgetti” and “Let’s get Farching,” will really crack them up and increase your child’s popularity.

6. Pick up your kids from school with black workout Spandex. If they give you too much grief, just change into the leopard print ones.

5. Yell at the refs while they’re playing ball. “What are you, Blind?!”

4. Give your husband a big ‘ole smooch. But, hey, keep it clean.

3. Serve cupcakes with blue icing for their birthday. Blue teeth for all.

2. Take them bra shopping with you. Try on the bra over your clothes while passers-by snicker at how absurd you look.

And the number one way to embarrass your children:

1. Shout loudly as you drive by their school: “Don’t forget to wipe properly, those stains will never come off.”

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1054-M The Parents


tapHi everyone.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and for that I apologize. I have a few cards to post, as well as a product (or two) that I’ve found and really like.

This post is about a product more than the actual project. As many of you know I’m a quilter as well as a stamper. This project includes both. I purchased a package of Transfer Artist Paper (also known as TAP) by Lesley Riley and just love it!

What is it? It’s a paper you can stamp on, color on – I used Copic markers on one sample and watercolors on the other, write on or run directly through your inkjet printer, and then transfer to something else. I’ve tried it on fabric, but the package claims it will also work on quite a few other surfaces – I would think that anything that can take the heat of the iron would probably work.

Here are my two little projects:


  1. I stamped using Memento black ink and then colored the image in.
  2. I transferred the image onto fabric (following her instructions – they come with the paper).
  3. I knew I wanted to try adding some words so I printed these out on my computer – IN REVERSE! This is very important unless you like to read backwards.
  4. I sewed everything together. It could be a tiny wall-hanging or even a card if you wanted.

One of things that I was worried about was I had to iron my seams once I sewed them. I transferred the image and then went for it – I put the iron directly on the newly transferred image without the protective paper – I was being brave. It didn’t hurt it at all. Every time I added a small border I ironed right over everything. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Anyway, if you like trying new stuff you might want to check out Transfer Artist Paper.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
2013-E Marmie decides to leave
3055-I Leaping Tucker

other supplies used:
Transfer Artists Paper
Computer – font “Mountains of Christmas”


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