Georgia’s made yet another TOO cute card! I love her color choices – the bright yellow-orange, the hot pink background and her signature lime green ribbon.

This is actually one of my favorite stamps – a little sketch I did from a long ago memory. I had a St. Bernard growing up and we shared everything, she was my best friend and constant companion. I always think of her when I see this stamp.

Thanks Georgia for making it into such a wonderful card.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1137-M Unselfishness (MMM-ice cream)



Georgia’s in the holiday spirit again. This time she used Billy and Sparky looking out the window. Again I love the black framing she’s done, just really makes the image pop out. And I simply must go to the craft store and get some lime green grosgrain ribbon! I love the added red jingle bell. Wonderful card Georgia!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1104-J Billy and Sparky at window



Georgia sent in these little tags she made using just one stamp. Again she used her signature lime green ribbon (I must find my craft store coupon!). I love that she not only included it as the tag tie, but how clever to include it as the train tracks. The blue train against a polka dot sky – too cute for words!


eat cake graphics stamps used:
9028-D Train (Woo woo express)



Another cute card creation from Judy. This time Flopsy bunny has lots of colored eggs – and a basket of carrots too! I think the background paper she used is just terrific – all those scribble dots. And adding a little scallop border with the blue layered under the green – wonderful. Thanks Judy!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
5050-F Flopsy bunny’s got an egg
7043-B Just a carrot



Felicia and puppy Sparky are having so much fun. Judy created this cute little card using cardstock, a little bit of black and white floral ribbon and some brads. Felicia and Sparky sure are sending happy thoughts – can you feel them! :)

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1063-I Felicia and Sparky



Judy created another lovely card, using just one stamp, Holly & kitty Woogums. I like how she offset the image so that part of it comes outside the oval. Gotta be pretty good with the scissors to cut out those whiskers! She added the little flowers and three tiny brads for that little something extra.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
1092-J Holly & kitty Woogums



Design Team member Judy C. sent in this cute card featuring a very happy frog named Frogbert. He looks so cheery against the checkerboard background. And what a lovely touch with the hand drawn lines and four little brads! Thanks Judy!

eat cake graphics stamps used:
5007-D Frogbert kicks up his heels



Scooter’s all decked out in his swimming attire, but I think he needs a bigger pool.  Georgia created this wonderful card using bright cheery primary colors – red gingham and polka-dot bows, blue water and buttons, and Scooter’s accouterments in eye popping yellow. I love the the tri-fold card, and how clever she was to use the buttons to keep the front of the card in place.

She said that her doggy is always ready for action and would probably love to join Scooter. Definitely going to need a bigger puddle. :)

eat cake graphics stamps used:
3034-G Scooter’s day at the pool



Who wouldn’t want Christmas in March with this card! Georgia said while everyone’s making spring and Easter she decided to be different. I love the red backgrounds and the black border just makes everything look so crisp. The little addition of lime green ribbon, just the right finishing touch.

mouseA little side note, when I drew this image it was actually inspired by our cat, Mouse. She showed up on our doorstep and was so sweet. She actually nuzzled up to, at the time, our two big dogs (both over 100 pounds). My husband immediately knew she was here to stay.

Over the years she’s gotten quite grumpy (I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the other three cats that are now here as well), so Paw Humbug is her to a T.

eat cake graphics stamps used:
8185-G Paw Humbug (kitty with text)



Oh I do hope those bees are friendly. Mandy started this cute card with a sketch from Lord Have Mercy! She said she paper pieced Arthur’s shirt – looks like he’s quite the stylish bear. Love all she’s done in the background – gives me some ideas to start using all the paper I buy at the scrapbook store and love, but don’t know what to do with. Such a dilemma. :)

eat cake graphics stamps used:
4005-E Arthur Alooishus in his stripe shirt


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