Have you ever wanted to place one stamp image on top of or inside another? It's easy with a technique called "masking". Here's how...

  • Paper or cardstock
  • Stamps - for this example I'm going to make Edna yell out a window
  • Sticky notes (like Post-its) in various sizes
  • Small scissors or small craft knife (like X-acto)

Step 1

Stamp the window on your paper/cardstock and again on your sticky note.
TIP: One of the reasons a sticky note makes a good mask is because the sticky part will hold it in place - which is critical so it doesn't accidentally move. :)

Step 2

Cut out the window panes.
TIP: I find if I cut out the open part just to the inside of the stamp line (not exactly on it).

Step 3

You should now have a finished window mask. Place it exactly over the window that you stamped on your paper/cardstock.

Step 4

Take the yelling Edna stamp and stamp it inside the open window pane.
TIP: The reason I said to cut just inside the stamp line (Step 2) is because when I stamp Edna into the window pane, sometimes the thickness of the sticky note causes a little gap of white space where the two stamp lines are supposed to meet.


Take the mask off and Edna should now be in the window. Color however you'd like.
Tip: I might close the window because Edna yells quite loudly.

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