Have you ever wanted to position a stamp more precisely? It's quite easy using a stamp positioner. Here's how...

  • Paper or cardstock
  • Stamps - for this example I'm going to place one window next to another
  • Positioner
  • Plastic (plexiglass), vellum or tracing paper
    Note: Most positioners come with a piece of plexiglass. As you'll note from the little picture, this can get stained. I went to the local plastic place (TAP Plastics) and they had a scrap bin of pieces so I got extra. Also, I wouldn't get anything thicker than 1/8" as it will cause some distortion.

Step 1
    Place your positioner on a flat surface.
    Line the edges of the plexiglass with the positioner so there is no space between the two.
    Ink the window stamp and without moving the positioner or plexiglass line up the edges and stamp it on the plexiglass.
    • TIP: If you choose to use vellum or tracing paper instead of plexiglass, make sure that when you line it up with the positioner it doesn't accidentally slip under the positioner.

Step 2

You should now have a stamped window on your plexiglass.

Step 3

The window on the left side in the little picture I stamped on my paper/cardstock before I started.

Remove the positioner. Take the window that is on your plexiglass and line it up with the first window, getting it exactly how you'd like.

Step 4

Hold the plexiglass (stamped with the window) in place securely.
Take the positioner and butt it up against the piece of plexiglass. Make sure there are no spaces between the two.

Step 5

Remove the plexiglass.
Hold the positioner securely. Line up your inked stamped in the corners of the positioner and stamp it.


Remove your stamp and the positioner and you should have two windows lined up.

Adding stuff inside the window

Use the "masking tip" to add stuff inside the windows.

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